5 Ways I Use Evernote Every Day & a Giveaway

Today, we welcome Sarah Reinhard to guest post. She’s as passionate about Evernote as anyone I know — in fact, this month’s giveaway was her idea.

It started innocently enough: I downloaded the free Evernote app to keep track of something or other. Within a few months, I was paying for the premium service.

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I’ve gone from using it for simple lists to organizing writing projects, keeping track of shared projects, and communicating with colleagues.

I’m a work-at-home mom. Though I’m an admitted business book junkie and I do, in fact, have a business degree, David and I are at differing ends of the business world spectrum. And yet, as near as I can tell, we both use Evernote a LOT.

Here are five ways I use Evernote every single day. See if you can’t apply them to your life. And in the comments, I’d love to hear how YOU use Evernote!

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Keeping my ever-changing, ever-growing to-do list

My to-do list is, frankly, a little scary. I can’t keep it all in my head, though, and I can’t always keep track of what my priorities should be. I’ve learned to keep one note for my ongoing daily to-do list, with other lists broken out as needed (i.e., “writing that needs done soon” and “book reviews to do”). I use checkboxes in front of each item on my list, and I’ve even started using the new highlighter function to make those items that have to be done stand out.

Clipping articles I need to find again

Some of the writing I do involves referencing other sources. In order to find these articles again, I use Evernote’s handy web clipper. I keep them in a relevant folder (such as “XYZ project references” or “news”) and then, as I use them or don’t need them any longer, move them or delete them.

Meeting notes, project ideas, and stacks, oh my!

I love the ability to organize my notebooks into stacks. For each major project, like parish work or my blogging, I have a series of notebooks. When I’m at a meeting or on a call, I will take notes in Evernote and make sure to mark the action items so I can transfer them to my master to-do list later. I generally keep a notebook within each larger stack for ideas related to that project. Lists are great, but with a notebook, I can clip bits from the web, write a paragraph or two, and not be overwhelmed by a long note—it’s easy to see at a glance when it’s in a note.

Shared project communication

On one major project that I’m involved with, my coworker is also an Evernote junkie. We have a few shared notebooks that have really transformed our communication. Instead of emailing ideas to her, I can post them to our ideas notebook. When we have an item that needs attention, one of us can post an action item to the appropriate notebook.

Organizing and updating my prayer lists

This is a really game-changing piece of the Evernote pie for me. I keep all my prayer intentions in one notebook, with notes for different lists (i.e., family, friends, special intentions). It’s so easy to set a reminder to pray for certain lists on certain days and to pause to remember these intentions. It’s easy to jot a note that’s separate from the list, too.

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    I just signed up for your newsletter!

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      Great! Glad to have you as part of the community, Ally.

  2. Dave says:

    Great topic, I really value Evernote, both personally and for work.

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    Thanks. Good idea on prayer list

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