Episode #001: Why Every Leader Should Strive for Humble Confidence [Podcast]


This week we’re going to discuss four reasons all leaders should strive to live with humble confidence.

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Why should all leaders should strive to live with humble confidence? Here’s my short answer, in four reasons:

  1. Confidence will strengthen your leadership position.
  2. Humility will neutralize the ego that grow from your leadership position.
  3. Confidence will get you through the inevitable challenges.
  4. Humility will will allow you to navigate the inevitable challenges.

We’ll be up on iTunes and all the other podcasting venues very soon!

Thanks for listening! Now go and do something greater than yourself!
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  1. Chris Ice says:

    Great podcast David! Started my day off in a great way. God bless!

  2. Chris Mullen says:

    Nicely done David!

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