Episode #003: The Power of Vulnerability [Podcast]

This week, we discuss the power of vulnerability, whether it’s in the office or your daughter’s bedroom. I’m joined by cohost Mike Manion, Area President of Convene’s Mid-Atlantic region and a frequent host on various radio shows and podcasts.

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I share the story of how I learned about how powerful vulnerability is…the hard way.

Steps for you to tap into the power of vulnerability:

  1. Admit your mistakes.
  2. Be transparent with your thoughts and feelings with others.
  3. Encourage  and help others share in that same vulnerability.

Vulnerability is a leadership tool that we’re afraid of. It’s so powerful, because it’s human and real and authentic. By being vulnerable, you demonstrate trust. You show that you’re in it for the mission, as opposed to for yourself.

When we’re real and authentic, we’re able to motivate and lead much more powerfully. It has taken me a long time to learn how to really embrace the power of vulnerability and use it consistently.

Your challenge: be vulnerable this week.

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