Episode #004: The Power of a Life Plan [Podcast]

This week, we discuss the power of a life plan. I’m joined by cohost Mike Manion, Area President of Convene’s Mid-Atlantic region and a frequent host on various radio shows and podcasts.

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Why is a life plan important?

  1. A life plan integrates every aspect of your life together
  2. We’re not living a zero-sum game, though we often act as though we are
  3. With a life plan, my life is more complete and integrated

My life is actually more like the Olympic rings. The more you scale the Olympic rings, the more they overlap. It’s at the intersection points, where the circles touch and overlap, that I learned I need to spend more time and planning.

Figuring out what to focus on is a creative process. First, I had to figure out what my circles are. Then, I had to figure out how they intersected.

My circles are God and my faith life, myself, family (as a husband and as a father and in my extended family), and my work. All of them intersect.

It’s hard to set aside time to think, but I chose to prioritize working on my life versus just being in my life and letting it run me. I was able to find creative ways to let every single circle impact every other circle.

The 2-step process for making your life plan

  1. Figure out what the circles in your life are
  2. Spend time thinking about how they intersect and overlap so that they can benefit each other

If you can take the time to identify your priorities and find the ways where they can complement and support each other while driving your forward, you’ll be living an integrated life.

[reminder]My challenge for your: find the time in the next 14 days to set aside two 6-hour blocks to simply think through your life. What are your priorities? Where do the concentric circles overlap?[/reminder]


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  1. Terrilyn Lawlor says:

    Helpful blog post – I am thankful for the specifics – Does someone know if my assistant could possibly get a template My Life Planning Workbook form to work with ?

    1. David DeWolf says:

      I would watch for this book to come out. . .I expect it in the next few months. http://michaelhyatt.com/life-plan

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