Humble Confidence at the Grocery Store


Quick tip for moms and wives: if there’s one place that your husband may lack humble confidence, it’s in the grocery store!

I hate grocery shopping. No matter how many lists my wife makes me, I always come home without something. And I always come home with something extra.

But what’s worse is the process of the shopping itself. I don’t know the store nearly as well as you do, honey, and what happens is that I go and end up traversing the store at least 17 times, passing the aisle I need to be in, just to find where the rice or the beans or the milk or whatever it is is.

I’ll admit it: I know where the staples are, but odds are, that spice I’ve never heard of? I have no idea where it is!

Here’s a tip: organize your shopping list in the order of the aisles. That will save at least an hour every time your husband goes to the store.

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Seriously. Organize your list! You know the store. You know the layout like the back of your hand. That’s why it frustrates you to no end when I come home and it’s taken me longer than it should have.

You know how to shop the grocery store better than I do, so go through a simple process when you’re making your list. Line it up according to the aisles in the store, and all I have to do is go through the store, check out, and come home.

Otherwise, I guess I’ll keep getting my exercise at the grocery store…

[reminder]Grocery shopping certainly isn’t the only place men lack humble confidence. What are some other ways the women in our lives can help us have the tools we need to live humble confidence outside the office?[/reminder]

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