How I’m Going to Lose the Scrooge


I have a confession: I absolutely hate Christmas. Well, it’s not really Christmas that I hate. It’s setting up for Christmas that I hate.

I’m not kidding that the worst date of my year is the first day of Advent, the day my wife loves to set up the Christmas decorations. Getting the tree is hard enough: I don’t care if it’s a fake one or a real one. Strapping it to the roof and setting it up, putting the stupid branches in: it’s just a pain. It’s hard.

But what makes it worse is the lights. The damn strings of lights never work. You plug them in, you jiggle the light, and you can’t figure out which one is causing the string to be out. Every year, it seems I have to buy a new string. And every year, there’s another string that doesn’t work.

It drives me insane. It just gets under my skin.

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Know who you are. I know this about myself and after three years of ruining this day of our lives, I’m planning to make sure that I lose the Scrooge.

I’ve also learned that I have to do something different. Last year, I tried to will my way through it. I told myself it was going to be the best year yet. And it was the worst.

So, I’ve decided to change it up. This year, we’re inviting friends over to set up for us. Well, with us, but I’m going to simply not get involved. I’m going to do what I can handle, but when it comes to the lights, I’m leaving myself out.

You see, I have a friend who loves, loves, LOVES this day. In fact, it’s his favorite day of the year.

So I’m going to be in charge of the fireplace. I’m going to be in charge of the snacks and the food and the beer. And I’m going to be in charge of making sure the football game’s on.

And he gets to set up the Christmas tree for us and for my wife. Knowing myself is going to allow me to have a much better day.

[reminder]Do you know yourself? Do you prevent yourself from getting in your own way? Do you allow yourself to lose the Scrooge so you can become a better person?[/reminder]

Be intentional and go do something greater than yourself.

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  1. Mark Kalpakgian says:

    You are not alone!

  2. David Alcott says:

    Great post, I’m glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

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