Lessons Learned from Christmas Lights

I dread the beginning of Advent. Dread might not be a strong enough word.  Hate?  Perhaps.

It’s my wife’s favorite weekend of the year.  Like clockwork, she wants to put up the Christmas decorations.

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That’s the part I dread.  But this year, I was determined to make the most of it. I was going to will myself to have a positive attitude.

I failed.

As happens every year, the Christmas lights got the best of me.  I bought four new strands.  Brand new strands.  The type that markets that if one light goes out, the rest of the strand stays lit.

Not true.

Two of my four strands had over 50% of their lights out. I lost it.  Again. I became Scrooge.  An ogre.  And ruined the day.

Here’s what the experience taught me and what I’m calling my “lessons learned” from this struggle.

No matter what people say, a system is only as strong as its weakest link.

If there is one part of your system that is not working or contains a bottleneck, beware.  The rest may stop working at a moment’s notice. Despite the marketing, half the strand went out because of one bulb.  The same can happen to your business.

Don’t assume you’re the only one struggling with the same problem.

We often feel guilty and hide our frustrations instead of airing issues that need to be resolved.  When I mentioned my distaste for Christmas decorations on social media, nearly all of my male counterparts chimed in to agree.  It only takes one person to bring the issue to light.

You can’t always “power through” the tough stuff.

Year after year after year I struggle with Christmas lights.  I convinced myself that I could will through my frustration this year and be the good husband my wife wanted me to be.  I failed. Sometimes you just need to enlist someone to help or take a different approach.  Sometimes it’s just impossible to “power through”.

[reminder preface=”How about you?”]It’s amazing what you can learn from everyday occurrences. What have you learned recently from a life event? Do you ever stop and ask the question?[/reminder]


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