Proactive Employee Relationships: On-boarding


In my first video blog, I discuss my recent realization that in order to live our core values more fully, Three Pillar must begin proactively building mutually beneficial relationships – instead of just waiting to make the right decisions when the opportunities present themselves.
One example of how we do this already is the onboarding process that our culture working group and recruiting teams have collaborated to develop.  I touch upon the impact that this process seemed to have just today as we welcomed 9 new employees – across the world – to our team.  It amazes me that three of these individuals went out of their way to comment on how organized and engaging our onboarding process is.  Do other employers not invest in welcoming new employees to the team?

Here are a few ideas on how you might improve your own on-boarding process.  What other ideas do you employ that may help us get even better?

  • Don’t just organize the boring aspects of orientation – filling out paperwork and computer setup.  Organize inculturation.  Set aside time for your newest teammates to get to know the role models who you look at as the archetype of your ideal employee, team members they will work with, and key players within your organization.
  • Instead of communicating legalese, policies, and procedures, think about communicating culture, guiding principals, and other positive aspects. 
  • Put your money where your mouth is.  If your employees are as important as you say they are, you will find time to spend with them and invest in your on-boarding process.  One size does not fit all, build an orientation and on-boarding process that demonstrates your core values. 

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