3 Ways I Stay Close to Family While Traveling [Graphic]

I travel a lot. Sometimes, it feels like too much, but it’s what I have to do in the career path I have.

It’s important that I come up with ways to stay close to family while traveling. They are often little things that pack a big punch, but they can make all the difference.

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In order to stay engaged and not be a totally absent husband and father, I have some techniques to remain close and really try to make up for lost time as much as I can.

Here are three of the ways I stay close to family while traveling:

1. Spend quality time with my family when I’m home.

2. Block time off of my calendar when I’m home.

3. Do extra thoughtful things to make sure they know I’m still thinking of them.

[reminder]What techniques do you have for staying close to family while you travel?[/reminder]

I write about these three methods for staying close to my family, along with a few others, in my earlier post on this topic.

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