3 Leadership Lessons Fiorina Used to Trump Trump

Americans seem to be starved for leadership. They have been flocking away from anyone they considered a politician and towards anyone who demonstrates leadership. Here are the 3 leadership lessons Carly Fiorina used in last week’s CNN debate to trump Donald Trump.

Why Ben Carson Moved Up a Notch

Ben Carson moved up a notch in my estimation of him based on how he exhibited leadership instead of just political maneuvering.

The divisiveness has to stop

America has reached a level of divisiveness that is simply unhealthy.  Politicians, the media, and everyday citizens of both political affiliations are to blame. We have forgotten what it means to work together; our country is being torn apart. We have mistaken political positions and party lines for moral principles. Only the latter can not…

Beer Tax: A Fable about Our Tax System

I’ve received the following fable through email a couple of times.  I hate forwards, so I thought I’d share it here.  It’s a great story that explains in a simple fable the reality of our tax system and how it is likely to evolve. Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and…

Why liberals love the tea party

I don’t care if you are at the opposite end of the political spectrum, if you’re a person of character, you still have to respect the Tea Party. Over the past several days, we’ve heard political pundits and news organizations scream about how the tea party is holding the country hostage and failing to compromise….