The Weekly Shufflepass Episode #001: Finding Clarity of Mind


The Weekly Shufflepass is a series of short podcasts in which I talk about something that’s on my mind. They are quick tidbits. No frills. No production. Just helpful thoughts on how you can go, do something greater than yourself.

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My goals during my end-of-year holiday break were to dive in and be with my family and to have a comprehensive planning session that gave me clarity for 2015.

Those two things worked wonders together. I’ve never spent so much time with my family and dove in so much over the holidays. It was refreshing.

That time also gave me perspective and a free mind. It let me let go of all those things going on in the business and let go of all the anxiety and put the to-do items to the side.

Clarity of mind isn’t just about knowing what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s also getting the other muck out of the way.

Here are my strategies for 2015 to focus on clarity of mind. I’ve already seen it work!

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