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[callout]In the “What’s on My Phone” series, I share tidbits regarding the apps, music, and other treasures that are on my phone.  Together, these items keep me productive, motivated, and on top of my game.[/callout]

Uber is an app the provides on demand access to “Black Cars.”

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It’s a taxi alternative, and I find it to be especially useful (and price competitive) in cities that are not “taxi rich” (cities other than New York, Boston, Chicago and DC) or when I’m in the suburbs.

With the single push of a button, I can order a town car (or SUV if I’m traveling with others).  The car will typically show up in 15 minutes or less. It tends to be a much more pleasurable experience than your typical taxi.

Uber automatically pays and tips the driver through one of your pre-registered credit cards, so, as soon as you arrive, you’re on your way.

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  1. John Estrada says:

    A bit pricey but so easy to use it’s worth it. Tried any of the other services like Lyft?

    1. David DeWolf says:

      I haven’t. I probably should though. Like you say, Uber is just so simple. . .

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