Why liberals love the tea party


I don’t care if you are at the opposite end of the political spectrum, if you’re a person of character, you still have to respect the Tea Party.

Over the past several days, we’ve heard political pundits and news organizations scream about how the tea party is holding the country hostage and failing to compromise. We’ve heard over and over again that these freshman senators and representatives don’t understand how the game is played in Washington and some (the Vice President, really?) have called them “terrorists”.

Give me a break. For the first time that I can remember in my lifetime, a reasonably sized group of politicians has been elected on a platform that they actually intend to honor and go to the mat for. In my book, this is called integrity. They told us what they stood for, our country elected them, they arrived in Washington, and they held true to their principles and their word.

Why is society so shocked that the members of the Tea Party are living up to their promises? Simple, because we have lost a sense of integrity and character in this county. We’re used to wishy-washy politicians. We’ve heard candidate after candidate promise “change” in Washington, but no one has delivered. The Tea Party, folks, is delivering.

Scream all you want about the Tea Party’s politics and beliefs. I can respect idealogical difference, but please, let’s stop the nonsense and realize that these people are holding true to what they promised. Unlike the career politicians that make up the majority of our governmental leadership, they are not looking towards reelection and playing games for political gain; they are holding true to their beliefs and earnestly doing what they believe is best for our country. That’s something that conservatives and liberals alike should be able to get behind and that’s a sign of true leadership.

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