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Being Open Is More Powerful than Being Right

1024 576 David DeWolf

An open mind is hard to find. Too many people want to be right, and when you’re stuck on being right, too often you end up being wrong.

Having an open mind is an accelerator. Collaborating with others, collecting their thoughts, considering their ideas, and continuing to validate your own understanding gives you exposure to different perspectives.

Different perspectives, when genuinely considered, either confirm or change your own perspective. Either way, truly listening to others ultimately brings you to better decision-making.

Listening to others requires that you avoid a defensive posture. When you’re stuck on “being right,” a defensive posture is a natural response to any disagreement. When you’re focused on having an open mind, a disagreement leads to curiosity and further exploration.

Seeking a better understanding ultimately leads to a better conclusion, regardless of whether you were right or wrong in the first place. Healthy debate and disagreement can confirm your own stance just as easily as it can change your mind or result in compromise.

If you want to be right, learn to be wrong. Pride of ownership leads to horrible decisions.