How my bad habit sabotaged productivity for my team

Over the past 12 years of my career, I have ruined vacations for nearly an entire generation of my employees. Like it or not, as leaders, people watch, and emulate, what we do.  To say the least, my vacation habits have not been the best example.  A Journey to Self Awareness Three years ago, my…

Two easy ways to build momentum

Leroy is a young entrepreneur. He was recruited by seasoned entrepreneurs to help bootstrap a new venture. Together he and other similarly recruited co-founders have been working under the tutelage of these entrepreneurs and making progress in learning the market and getting product into the hands of consumers. Over these months, Leroy has demonstrated that…

5 Tips for a Successful Client Relationship

A few years ago, we struggled with a client who seemed like a dream come true. Here are five tips I learned the hard way about how to turn a rocky start into a successful client relationship.

The Dichotomy of Leadership

Leadership is all about change, but leaders must also create the stability that others need in order to perform at their peak levels.

Can You Live the Integrated Life Well?

There are two types of employees: those who thrive within a positive work culture that promotes work-life integration and those who will die within that culture. Which type are you? Can you live the integrated life well?

Take Ownership, Knowing It’s NOT a One-Man Band

One of the big mistakes a lot of people make is to assume that when they take ownership, it means that they don’t need help. Here’s how humble confidence gets applied to take that viewpoint to the right level.