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Companies like Netflix are driving TV disruption
TV disruption is in full swing.
1024 683 David DeWolf

We’ve seen disruption wreak havoc on the newspaper industry. The music business has been turned on its head. For years we have been predicting that the TV business will go…

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How to Change the World through TechMedia
700 525 David DeWolf

Here’s how to change the world through TechMedia, in four guiding principles. This is based on part of a talk I gave to a group of university students.

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Mass Media Is Dead: Optimize Your Influence in TechMedia
700 464 David DeWolf

Consider the changes in the last ten years: mass media is dead and TechMedia is here. There’s a whole new approach to the world. Here’s how you can optimize your impact.

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My Strategy for Avoiding Social Media Overload
700 469 David DeWolf

Here’s my strategy for avoiding social media overload. I’ve become intentional with what networks I use, how I use them, and when I say no.

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Healthy Habits: 5 Steps for Easily Sharing Your Morning Reading
700 466 David DeWolf

Here’s how I share what I read during my morning reading. It involves setting up a few tools and then you can share with the click of a button.

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The “Too Obvious” Reason TechMedia Is Stupid and Tim Cook Is Not
700 590 David DeWolf

The breaking news of Apple’s possible acquisition of Beats makes more sense than the TechMedia pundits would have you believe.

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Professionals Aren’t Going to Evaporate Due to Innovation
1024 576 David DeWolf

Karen Cator nailed it – your teacher is not going to be replaced by a robot. Despite common misconceptions, innovation does not destroy professions. Disruption occurs within an industry, but…

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It’s not about the WaPo (or Bezos)
1024 684 David DeWolf

The news of Jeff Bezos’ acquisition of the Washington Post for $250M has created a flurry of prognostication about the impact Bezos will have on the DC newspaper. The more…

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Why I Love Undercover Boss
1024 576 David DeWolf

My wife and I watch very little TV. Every now and then we’ll flip it on, and recently we have found that Undercover Boss is one of the few wholesome…

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6 ways successful media will react to your new media consumption habits_David_DeWolf_1200x675
6 ways successful media will react to your new media consumption habits
1024 576 David DeWolf

In a recent blog post, I outlined the core disruptions causing the Media Industry to change. Changes to distribution channels and the editorial role, the explosion of content sources, and…

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