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Nearshore Provider Tiempo to Help Fuel Continuous Global Innovation
1024 576 David DeWolf

Today 3Pillar announced the acquisition of nearshore software developer Tiempo Development. This acquisition expands our footprint into the Southwest US and Mexico. I am ecstatic to welcome over 400 talented…

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Companies like Netflix are driving TV disruption
TV disruption is in full swing.
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We’ve seen disruption wreak havoc on the newspaper industry. The music business has been turned on its head. For years we have been predicting that the TV business will go…

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CES 2018: IoT is Officially Dead
1024 512 David DeWolf

Take a gander through any technology publication, stop by a technology event, or dive headfirst into a conversation with your average technologist and you’ll undoubtedly trip over a conversation about…

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The Problem of Ubiquitous Information
1024 682 David DeWolf

In a world where information is readily available and easily accessible, knowledge itself might just be the problem. Patrick Lencioni, one of my favorite authors, speakers and thought leaders, preaches…

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Digital, is Not Digital, is Not Digital
1024 680 David DeWolf

Very few of us would confuse an advertising executive with a film producer. One understands the art of the sale while the other entertains us. Both are tasked with telling…

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A woman puts her head in her hands, apparently stuck.
What’s giving you that mental block?
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Have you ever faced a mental block and wondered where it came from and how to get it to go away? Here’s what I learned from a recent struggle with a mental block.

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A Warning for the Financial Services Industry - David DeWolf
A Warning for the Financial Services Industry: You’re on the Cusp of Disruption
800 565 David DeWolf

The financial services industry is on the cusp of disruption. The economic pie that we’re so familiar with is in question. Brokerages may be in trouble. Mutual fund managers and wealth advisors should take heed. Banks may be in for it again.

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The Innovation Engine_1200x675
What’s on My Phone: The Innovation Engine Podcast
1024 576 David DeWolf

Here’s why the Innovation Engine Podcast is on my phone and one of the podcasts I make sure to listen to regularly.

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Where Do the Great Ideas Come from? - David DeWolf
Where Do the Great Ideas Come from?
800 533 David DeWolf

Where DO the great ideas in an organization come from? I’ve found that they come from a certain kind of approach.

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How Do You Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Organization - David DeWolf
How Do You Encourage Creative Thinking in Your Organization?
829 579 David DeWolf

Maybe we invested in a cool new toy. Or maybe we invested in creative thinking for our employees. What do you think?

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