TV disruption is in full swing.

We’ve seen disruption wreak havoc on the newspaper industry. The music business has been turned on its head. For years we have been predicting that the TV business will go through similar disruption. Of course, TV consumption has been changing for years, but by and large, satellite and cable providers have been able to hold…

What’s giving you that mental block?

Have you ever faced a mental block and wondered where it came from and how to get it to go away? Here’s what I learned from a recent struggle with a mental block.

Innovation Happens in the Shower

In the digital economy, innovation is occurring at a more rapid pace while requiring a different approach. It’s more likely to happen in the shower than at a desk.

Why Disruption Provides Enormous Opportunity

True disruption within an industry provides an enormous opportunity for new leaders to step to the forefront. What is it about industry disruption that allows this to happen?