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Thrive in the Digital Economy
1024 594 David DeWolf

Succeed in the digital economy by changing the way your organization thinks.

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Engineering Cultures Suck at Product
1024 581 David DeWolf

I laughed out loud this morning as I read a blog from High Scalability that noted “Engineering First Cultures Suck at Product.” The author couldn’t be more right, and it’s…

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A laptop displays data analysis via graphs.
CES 2018: Why Your Data is No Longer a Value Proposition
1024 647 David DeWolf

As I recently wrote, the era of IoT as the future has come to an end. Connectivity saturation has arrived and set the expectation for nearly every modern product to…

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CES 2018: IoT is Officially Dead
1024 512 David DeWolf

Take a gander through any technology publication, stop by a technology event, or dive headfirst into a conversation with your average technologist and you’ll undoubtedly trip over a conversation about…

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The Problem of Ubiquitous Information
1024 682 David DeWolf

In a world where information is readily available and easily accessible, knowledge itself might just be the problem. Patrick Lencioni, one of my favorite authors, speakers and thought leaders, preaches…

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outsourcing software development
Digital, is Not Digital, is Not Digital
1024 680 David DeWolf

Very few of us would confuse an advertising executive with a film producer. One understands the art of the sale while the other entertains us. Both are tasked with telling…

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Product Development Services on Precipice_1200x675
Why the Product Services Sector is on the Verge of Irrelevance
1024 576 David DeWolf

Over the past several months the Product Development Services (PDS) sector has begun to head down a consolidation path that is pushing many within the sector towards their ultimate demise.…

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Information Age 2.0 and Data Byproducts - David DeWolf
Information Age 2.0 and Data Byproducts
700 525 David DeWolf

Information Age 2.0 is all about creating corporate growth. It’s all about fueling business, the production of revenue and profit from our information assets. It’s about data byproducts and how they can take us to the next level of business.

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Innovation Happens in the Shower - David DeWolf
Innovation Happens in the Shower
700 466 David DeWolf

In the digital economy, innovation is occurring at a more rapid pace while requiring a different approach. It’s more likely to happen in the shower than at a desk.

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Technological Innovation Has Made Every Business a Digital Business
700 466 David DeWolf

With Howard Schultz’s announcement that he’s restructuring Starbucks so he can personally be involved with the software side of things, I can’t help but see how technological innovation is making every business a digital business.

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