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How my bad habit sabotaged productivity for my team
680 360 David DeWolf

Over the past 12 years of my career, I have ruined vacations for nearly an entire generation of my employees. Like it or not, as leaders, people watch, and emulate,…

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How to turn key employee turnover into an accelerator
1024 681 David DeWolf

We were just over two months away from wrapping up our best year ever. Momentum was strong. Morale was high. And, the team I had worked so hard to fashion…

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Finding Talent Takeaways from Brainstorm Tech - David DeWolf
Finding Talent: Takeaways from Brainstorm Tech
800 516 David DeWolf

Finding talent was a hot topic at Brainstorm Tech, and this is what I shared with my team at 3Pillar when I returned.

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An Employee Transition that Makes Me Proud - David DeWolf
An Employee Transition that Makes Me Proud
800 531 David DeWolf

Here’s the best employee transition I’ve seen and one that makes me proud to be CEO of 3Pillar.

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Where Do the Great Ideas Come from? - David DeWolf
Where Do the Great Ideas Come from?
800 533 David DeWolf

Where DO the great ideas in an organization come from? I’ve found that they come from a certain kind of approach.

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Why Asking "Why" Creates Better Employees - David DeWolf
Why Asking “Why” Creates Better Employees
700 559 David DeWolf

We often see asking “Why” as a way to craft long-term strategies, but here’s why you should use “Why” to build your short-term tactics and make better employees too.

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Money Isn't Respect - David DeWolf
Money Isn’t Respect
700 442 David DeWolf

You don’t have more respect because your paycheck is larger. You have to trust and have a good enough relationship to be content and happy with what you’re paid. If you’re not, it’s time to move on.

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Can You Live the Integrated Life Well?
1024 576 David DeWolf

There are two types of employees: those who thrive within a positive work culture that promotes work-life integration and those who will die within that culture. Which type are you? Can you live the integrated life well?

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True A-Players Point to Others
700 466 David DeWolf

Pride and ego get in the way of good business all the time. The best leaders and employees typically give credit to others. They are the ones who are continuously…

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You Outgrew Your Employee. Now What?
700 525 David DeWolf

As companies grow, they tend to outgrow their employees. Here are three steps for dealing quickly with these situations.

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