Is the Shared Economy furthering the wealth divide?

I spent this a good part of last week at one of my favorite conferences of the year — Fortune’s BrainstormTech conference. The conference brings together executives from the Media, Technology and Information Services sectors to discuss the state of the industry and various tech trends. Every year I feel like I come away with…

Stay close to your customer, even if it is cliche

Several years ago I sat with one of my mentors and asked for his advice. Having been a big time CEO for several decades, I felt like all of our conversations were steeped in lessons learned. But, this time around I wanted to know what he considered to be the one piece of wisdom he…

Two easy ways to build momentum

Leroy is a young entrepreneur. He was recruited by seasoned entrepreneurs to help bootstrap a new venture. Together he and other similarly recruited co-founders have been working under the tutelage of these entrepreneurs and making progress in learning the market and getting product into the hands of consumers. Over these months, Leroy has demonstrated that…

Taking Joy in Someone Else’s Success

Sometimes, it’s more important to take joy in someone else’s success than it is to control what they do. As a business leader, you have to know when to let go and cheer.

Do You Have Superman Syndrome?

Here’s a reminder that the war is more important than the battle, especially for those of us with the tendency to let our Superman Syndrome take over.

Go, NOW: A Lesson for Entrepreneurs

Here’s a lesson for entrepreneurs: make a decision and GO! There’s value in planning, but it’s more important to make a decision and GO.