Why your fear is making matters worse

Do you let your imagination define your relationships? Do you build up animosity by assuming intent, making judgements and allowing issues to fester? More often than not, disconnects between people are fueled by assumptions and allowed to fester due to a lack of direct communication.

4 Ways Great Leaders Think Differently About Hiring

Too many leaders overlook hiring as just another responsibility, and good managers know how to identify talent and plug a hole. But great leaders understand that the right hire will elevate everyone on the team and learn how to recruit team members that change the game. Great leaders see hiring as a strategic priority. Unfilled…

How to turn key employee turnover into an accelerator

We were just over two months away from wrapping up our best year ever. Momentum was strong. Morale was high. And, the team I had worked so hard to fashion was humming in high-performance mode. And then the shoe dropped. In late October one of my senior executives was recruited away, enticed by the allure…

Choosing the Right Board Members

Choosing the right board members is critical for business success. Here are three considerations that can make all the difference.