Diversity: How we built a 50% female leadership team

Several months ago, my daughter Catherine decided to play dodgeball during lunch with several students from her seventh-grade class. Knowing she was a stellar athlete, one of the boys in her class chose her to be on his team with his second selection. She beamed with confidence and dominated the game. How do I know?…

How my bad habit sabotaged productivity for my team

Over the past 12 years of my career, I have ruined vacations for nearly an entire generation of my employees. Like it or not, as leaders, people watch, and emulate, what we do. To say the least, my vacation habits have not been the best example.  A Journey to Self Awareness Three years ago, my…

Align Your Expectations in Marriage and Life

Have you ever lost your temper, only to realize that your anger was caused by mismatched expectations? Here’s how my wife and I found ourselves fighting, all because we didn’t align our expectations.

Summer Planning for Your Kids

Summer means kids off of school. Do you book them with activities or do you just let them wreak havoc? My wife and I decided to try something new.