Keynote Speaker on Principled Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Technology

Topics and Background

Finding the right speaker for your event or conference can be quite a challenge. You’re not just looking for entertainment, you’re looking for someone who believes what you believe, is passionate about the topic, and is able to effectively communicate a message that resonates and inspires.

I speak on topics that I care deeply about and am passionate about. These topics include principled leadership, entrepreneurship, software and the digital economy, and living an integrated life.

Among the events where I’ve been tapped to speak are Gartner’s Tech Growth & Innovation Summit, Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference, Forrester’s Data Strategy & Insights conference, and Outsell’s Data Money conference. A full list of previous speaking engagements is below.

Speaking Highlights

Inquire & Schedule

To contact me regarding a potential speaking engagement, please email me at speaking@daviddewolf.com or reach out to 3Pillar’s marketing team: marketing@3pillarglobal.com.

Full Talks

Previous Appearances

The Product Mindset (Elsevier Digital Summit, 2019)

Demystifying Digital Product Development (Outsell Signature, 2019)

Change the Way Your Organization Thinks (The Innovation Engine Podcast, 2019)

Corporate Social Responsibility - Forbes Article

How to Design Your Way to Innovation (Fortune BrainstormTech, 2019)

Cultivating Talent for Digital Products (Outsell DataMoney, 2019)

The Product Mindset, Change the Way your Organization Thinks (Forrester Data Strategy & Insights, 2018)

The Product Mindset, the Thinking You Need to Win in the Digital Economy (Outsell Signature, 2018)

Data, The Fuel of The Digital Economy (Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation, 2018)

Purpose Driven Software: Product Development Designed to Grow Your Brand (DigSouth, 2018)

The Fallacy of Work-Life Balance (Men of the Cross, 2017)

Fulfilling the Wearables Promise: How to Take Wearables Data from Minimal to Actionable (Wearables + Things, 2014)

Mass Media is Dead (Franciscan University of Steubenville, 2014)

Optimizing your Leadership – Franciscan University of Steubenville, Center for Leadership (2013)

Christian Leadership (John Paul the Great University, 2012)

Intentional Career Building (Franciscan University of Steubenville, 2010)

The Psychology of Build Times: Keeping the Tests Fast Enough (Agile Alliance Conference, 2006)

Embedding Apache Pluto (ApacheCon, 2004)