Why is a long-term strategy

In my experience, purpose — asking why — is a long-term strategy. Unless you’re already an iconic brand (Apple), it takes more than just ‘why’ to get people to buy. Don’t forget steps two and three!

One Step to Clear the Clutter

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed? How do you deal with the clutter, whether it’s virtual or piled around you? Here’s my one-step solution to clear the clutter.

5 Tips for a Successful Client Relationship

A few years ago, we struggled with a client who seemed like a dream come true. Here are five tips I learned the hard way about how to turn a rocky start into a successful client relationship.

Go the Extra Mile

Want to make a difference? Need to be noticed? Have a point to make? Then it’s worth it to go the extra mile.

Perspective Is Everything

Trials and tribulations happen to us all the time. Sometimes, the biggest punches to our gut become the biggest accelerators in our lives. It’s all about perspective.