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Why is a long-term strategy - David DeWolf
Why is a long-term strategy
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In my experience, purpose – asking why? – is a long-term strategy. Unless you’re already an iconic brand (Apple), it takes more than just “why” to get people to buy. Don’t forget steps two and three!

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One Step to Clear the Clutter - David DeWolf
One Step to Clear the Clutter
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What do you do when you’re overwhelmed? How do you deal with the clutter, whether it’s virtual or piled around you? Here’s my one-step solution to clear the clutter.

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4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a COO - David DeWolf
4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a COO
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Hiring a COO can be a great move…or not. Here are 4 questions you should ask to help you make your decision.

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5 Tips for a Successful Client Relationship - David DeWolf
5 Tips for a Successful Client Relationship
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A few years ago, we struggled with a client who seemed like a dream come true. Here are five tips I learned the hard way about how to turn a rocky start into a successful client relationship.

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Mr Watercooler_1200x675
How Mr. Watercooler Destroys Company Culture
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There is nothing that will destroy company culture faster than Mr. Watercooler. So how do you deal with him and his techniques?

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My Single Most Important Lesson of 2014: Brutal Honesty
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Brutal honesty, communicated with charity, is one of the most powerful leadership – and life – tools available.

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You Need Vision to Make the Right Pivot - David DeWolf
Why You Need Vision to Make the Right Pivot in Your Business
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Why is vision so critical? Because without it, you can’t see where you’re going…as a business or an entrepreneur.

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Open Door Policy_1200x675
Why an Open Door Policy Needs More than an Open Door
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I left for India with an open door policy that I think most people respect. I left from India having learned an important lesson. Don’t just open the door — tear down the walls.

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Go the Extra Mile - David DeWolf
Go the Extra Mile
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Want to make a difference? Need to be noticed? Have a point to make? Then it’s worth it to go the extra mile.

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Perspective Is Everything - David DeWolf
Perspective Is Everything
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Trials and tribulations happen to us all the time. Sometimes, the biggest punches to our gut become the biggest accelerators in our lives. It’s all about perspective.

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