I am the Founder and CEO of 3Pillar. 3Pillar is a global digital product development specialist. We build digital software products for Media, Information and Technology companies like PBS, NPR, CARFAX, and Forrester.

I am the Chairman of InGo. InGo is an advocate marketing platform built specifically for the event industry. We connect events and their attendees to one another in order to fuel further growth and value.

I am an Angel Investor in Valencell. I invest capital in businesses that I believe have the potential to change the world and the management teams to make it happen. I am currently invested in Valencell, the technology behind the world’s most accurate wearable biometrics, and InGo.

I am an Angel Investor in and on the Board of Semo. Semo is an insurance technology startup that aims to give consumers insight into how and where to get the best rates possible.