Purpose and Profit Can and Should Coexist

Too often, our society pits purpose and profit as opposing forces, as individuals pitch their camp in one of two extremes. On one side, purpose-driven zealots rail at the thought of making money and prioritizing financial results. On the other, greed absorbed corporates scoff at the idea of purpose being more than an idealistic fairy…

Why Pushing for More is Slowing You Down

One of the worst mistakes software executives make in product development is pushing to maximize velocity. They equate minimizing time to value with going faster, when, in reality, going faster than the team is built to go tends to elongate time to value. (Minimizing time to value is more about releasing early and often). Velocity…

The Problem of Ubiquitous Information

In a world where information is readily available and easily accessible, knowledge itself might just be the problem. Patrick Lencioni, one of my favorite authors, speakers and thought leaders, preaches the importance being a “healthy” organization. In doing so, he explains that organizations, by default, tend to focus on being “smart.” He argues that the…

Why the Product Services Sector is on the Verge of Irrelevance

Over the past several months the Product Development Services (PDS) sector has begun to head down a consolidation path that is pushing many within the sector towards their ultimate demise. Until recently, the PDS sector has led the revolution of the IT Services space to a large degree. By focusing on the development of software…

5 Components of a Strategic Plan

Strategy can seem daunting. To create a comprehensive strategic plan all you really need is a little bit of time to think and a single sheet of paper.

4 Reasons Why Little Wins Are Big

Here are four reasons why acknowledging the steps along the way is just as important as casting the vision. The little wins are big, in other words!

Why Strategy’s So Important

In a young, entrepreneurial company, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that operational realities are the same as strategic initiatives. It’s easy to think that these operations propel you forward. In reality, they just keep you from collapsing.