Purpose and Profit Can and Should Coexist

Too often our society pits purpose and profit as opposing forces as individuals pitch their camp in one of two extremes. On one side purpose driven zealots rail at the thought of making money and prioritizing financial results. On the other, greed absorbed corporates scoff at the idea of purpose being more than an idealistic…

5 Components of a Strategic Plan

Strategy can seem daunting. To create a comprehensive strategic plan all you really need is a little bit of time to think and a single sheet of paper.

4 Reasons Why Little Wins Are Big

Here are four reasons why acknowledging the steps along the way is just as important as casting the vision. The little wins are big, in other words!

Are you Differentiating or Alienating?

It’s great to offer your employees something off-the-charts awesome. The danger, though, is that your employees may not appreciate the value of what you’re giving them.

Why Strategy’s So Important

In a young, entrepreneurial company, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that operational realities are the same as strategic initiatives. It’s easy to think that these operations propel you forward. In reality, they just keep you from collapsing.

Pick a Winning Strategy: Lessons from a First-Time CEO

There are two types of strategy. You can compete to be better, or you can compete by being different. Which one have you chosen? Companies that compete on the basis of superior performance are eventually commoditized. It is difficult to sustain this type of advantage. Competing head-to-head is a zero-sum game. One company’s gain is…