Align Your Expectations in Marriage and Life

Have you ever lost your temper, only to realize that your anger was caused by mismatched expectations? Here’s how my wife and I found ourselves fighting, all because we didn’t align our expectations.

5 Ways I Stay Close to Family While Traveling

It’s the season of travel and chaos in my life. Of the next five weeks, I’m gone from home for four of them. Here’s the list of techniques I use to get the most out of this time and stay close to my family.

Mission, Vision, Values: Your [Marriage Is] Dead Without ’em

Have you ever stopped to think about the contrasts between your work and personal lives?  Why is it that we proactively work to navigate our careers while we fail to navigate our lifelong journey?  Why do we spend so much time defining a mission, vision, and values for our company but fail to even think…

2011 Thanksgiving Top Three

Last year I posted a Thanksgiving Top Ten.  Boy, talk about setting the bar high.   Don’t get me wrong, ten is a fine number.  It was in 2010 and it still is today. But 10 is a daunting number if you have to repeat it every year.  So I’m pruning this year’s list down…

What’s your “Personal Travel Policy”?

I have a love-hate relationship with business travel.  I love the travel; I hate being away from my family. My introduction to business travel came shortly after starting my first job straight out of college.  I have been traveling, at various frequencies, ever since.  Recently I have established my own “Personal Travel Policy”.  This policy…