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Why Leadership is a Learned Skill (and How You Can Boost Your Own Skills)
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There are a few common misconceptions around leadership that hold many people back from taking on leadership roles. One of the most frequent flawed refrains is that leadership is innate.…

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What Should Be on Your Board’s Plate? Make Sure They’re Focused on These 4 Things
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I recently wrote about why building a board early in 3Pillar’s history was a pivotal decision that dramatically accelerated our growth. At 3Pillar and at other companies where I’m a…

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Top 5 considerations when building out a company's board
Top 5 Considerations When Building out Your Company’s Board
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I’m often asked if there is a single decision that has led to 3Pillar’s success more than any other. It’s hard to pinpoint one specific decision from the last fifteen…

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A man interviews another man in a casual office setting.
4 Ways Great Leaders Think Differently About Hiring
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Too many leaders overlook hiring as just another responsibility, and good managers know how to identify talent and plug a hole. But great leaders understand that the right hire will…

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4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a COO - David DeWolf
4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a COO
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Hiring a COO can be a great move…or not. Here are 4 questions you should ask to help you make your decision.

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The Changing Face of the Modern CTO - David DeWolf
The Changing Face of the Modern CTO
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Each of the three models emerging among product organizations requires a new breed of CTO. Here’s how the modern CTO has to excel and succeed.

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What Does a Modern CTO Look Like? - David DeWolf
What Does a Modern CTO Look Like?
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Here’s a CTO job description that got some interesting feedback from some of my business colleagues.

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Your Executive Assistant Sucks (and It’s Not His Fault)
700 465 David DeWolf

There are two kinds of executives. Those who have a great executive assistant and those who don’t. Which one are you?

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It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask for Advice: Lessons from an Entrepreneur
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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. But when you’re starting out, do you really know anyone? And as you get going, do you really know anyone who matters? And if you try to sit down with someone who does, will they really give you the time of day? Here are tips that you can use to ask for advice from the executives you want to learn from.

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You Fear Mickey Mouse: 5 Ways to Reach Out to Senior Executives
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We’ve all heard it said that it’s “who you know, not what you know.” In many ways, I have found that statement to be fairly accurate. While a relationship may…

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