Diversity: How we built a 50% female leadership team

Several months ago, my daughter Catherine decided to play dodgeball during lunch with several students from her seventh-grade class. Knowing she was a stellar athlete, one of the boys in her class chose her to be on his team with his second selection. She beamed with confidence and dominated the game. How do I know?…

How My Faith Has Shaped My Leadership

Without a doubt, my Catholic faith has shaped my leadership, especially in the area of human dignity and treating my position as a great responsibility.

The Joy of Giving

How do you discover the true joy of giving? Looking beyond writing the check for the tax break into what really matters and will make a difference.

Leadership Traits, in a Nutshell

I recently posed a question to the daviddewolf.com community: “In your opinion, what is the one word that describes the most important trait of a leader?”. Here are the results:

It’s OK to say no

It’s OK to walk away from a prospect. Revenue is not the king it’s made out to be. Here are 3 reasons why every business should say no to a new client: The client or the solution required to serve the client does not fall within your strategic envelope. Remember, focus is all about saying…

The divisiveness has to stop

America has reached a level of divisiveness that is simply unhealthy. Politicians, the media, and everyday citizens of both political affiliations are to blame. We have forgotten what it means to work together; thus, our country is being torn apart. We have mistaken political positions and party lines for moral principles. Only the latter cannot…

Beyond the Three Pillars of 3Pillar

As the founder and CEO of 3Pillar, I often get asked, “David, what are the three pillars of 3Pillar?” The name of the company begs the question. When I started 3Pillar in 2006, I didn’t have a grand vision of building a company with teams of software developers all over the world. I just knew…