Back to Rome

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I returned from another trip to Rome this past week, participating in the second annual symposium for the Foundation for Evangelization through the Media. It was great to see many of the friends I met at last year’s symposium and meet several new ones.

The highlight of the trip was Sunday afternoon, getting gelato and touring the Vatican with Tom Peterson of Catholics Come Home and John Sutton, a fellow entrepreneur, before heading out to watch the NFL playoffs with entrepreneurs Sean O’Hare and Chris Tyrrell.

Catholics Come Home has taken the Church’s call for new evangelism seriously. It was inspiring to hear Tom’s story firsthand. If you haven’t seen the commercials the aired during the NFL playoffs and CFB bowl games, check them out.

Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, President of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications is serious about embracing technology. He asked me to send him updates on the latest technology trends and what is going on in Silicon Valley. How do you say no to that?