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Why We Need to Walk Before We Run With SuperIntelligence
Why We Need to Walk Before We Run With Superintelligence
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While I was putting the final touches on last week’s post about why AI requires a return to the humanities, OpenAI published this blog and announced a major investment in…

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3 Clues That Your Business is a Software Company…and a Dead Giveaway That It’s Not
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It’s fashionable in today’s digital economy to claim that your bank or retail store is a software company. The disruption of nearly every industry sector by tech startups has traditional…

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Nearshore Provider Tiempo to Help Fuel Continuous Global Innovation
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Today 3Pillar announced the acquisition of nearshore software developer Tiempo Development. This acquisition expands our footprint into the Southwest US and Mexico. I am ecstatic to welcome over 400 talented…

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Companies like Netflix are driving TV disruption
TV disruption is in full swing.
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We’ve seen disruption wreak havoc on the newspaper industry. The music business has been turned on its head. For years we have been predicting that the TV business will go…

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A software developer syncs code from a laptop to a mobile device.
Why mobile deceleration means a revival of craft.
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In a recent article on TechCrunch, Jon Evans discourages developers from “going all in as a specialist app developer.” He argues that the relentless growth in mobile has ended. He…

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Thrive in the Digital Economy
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Succeed in the digital economy by changing the way your organization thinks.

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4 Counterintuitive Actions That Improve Productivity
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Most of us don’t know how to take a break. Holidays, vacations, and weekends don’t really give us the downtime we need to recharge our batteries, clear our minds and…

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Two tricks for limiting email fatigue
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Email fatigue is one of the most rampant illnesses in America today. It’s a disabling sicknesses that keeps folks continually working and in a state of distraction. It renders folks…

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Digital, is Not Digital, is Not Digital
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Very few of us would confuse an advertising executive with a film producer. One understands the art of the sale while the other entertains us. Both are tasked with telling…

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3 Steps to Increase Productivity and Reduce Mental Clutter - David DeWolf
3 Steps to Increase Productivity and Reduce Mental Clutter
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Our mobile phones provide a huge productivity boost, if we use them correctly. However, they can provide the exact opposite as well. Are you managing your phone, or is your phone managing you? Here are the three steps I took to increase productivity and reduce my mental clutter.

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