Delight in the success of others

1024 576 David DeWolf

Many of us are driven to succeed. Some of us love the thrill of victory. Others want to change the world. Still more long to do the most with the talents they have been given.

Often the drive to succeed is the motivating power that helps us persevere during difficult times. This is a noble and positive human quality. If we’re not careful, though, we can easily become addicted to the recognition that often comes from success. When this happens, we become self-absorbed and lose sight of our noble intentions.

Learn to invest in and delight in the success of others. Leaders make those around them better. Great managers get the most out of their team. High-powered consultants leverage their talents for the success of others. The best teachers empower their students with knowledge that rivals their own. The best coaches get the most out of their players. The best athletes make those around them better.

Why shouldn’t you do the same?

This past spring I watched as my son went from the youngest on his baseball team to a starting role and helping his team make it to the semifinals of the district tournament. Much to my surprise, it was much more gratifying to invest in and watch his success than anything I had ever personally accomplished before.

A couple of 3Pillar employees have gone on to be great entrepreneurs. I have been asked more than once whether I regret not doing more to keep these talented individuals at 3Pillar. The fact is that they have been far more successful–and impacted more lives–on their own than they could have at 3Pillar. I’m proud of whatever small role we played in their success and find it quite gratifying that they have gone on to do great things.

Investing in others will multiply your success. Delight in the success of others and learn to be okay with taking a back seat. The spotlight is a temporary victory. Helping others succeed is a lasting reward.