Getting Past the Poison and Working Together as a Team

1024 576 David DeWolf

We have a major problem in America. Our political system has become so poisonous that it is impossible for us to make decisions and move forward.

We need to learn the difference between negotiation and compromise and principles that cannot be altered.

There are certain things that are fundamental, issues of moral principle, that simply cannot be negotiated. However, the majority of issues are available to compromise.

It is essential that we learn to negotiate, to look at the positives and similarities that we have with others. We need to learn what working together as a team really is.

Here’s an example. I have a relationship with an acquaintance who I’ve worked with for a number of years. He’s one of the most liberal people I know, but he is a principled individual. He believes strongly in compassion and helping other people. He believes that as a society those who are blessed with more have a responsibility to those who are less fortunate to invest in them and help them out.

It’s easy to brush that off as a socialist agenda, but this man lives with a passion for this principle.

This is a principle I believe in as well. Beyond the political rhetoric, I see a man who dedicates his own time and resources to making sure that others have a truly better life.

While there are certain issues that we disagree on and will likely never come to an agreement on, to brush him off as a “Socialist” simply because of his compassion for other people would be irresponsible. We probably see eye-to-eye on 80 to 90% of all issues. There are some extreme issues we disagree on, true. We will likely never agree on these.

But by focusing on our similarities, we have fostered a deep respect for each other. This gives us the ability to make decisions together and do business together.

This is the type of mindset that we need in America. This is the type of collaboration and teamwork that we have to be willing to embrace.

It’s not enough to brush off the other side as “against American ideals.” This type of rhetoric has to go away. We have to embrace our similarities and compromise on issues that are not of moral consequence. We have to learn to negotiate and bridge the gap instead of driving a wedge between our differences. This is what working together as a team truly is.