Growing up is for dad

1024 576 David DeWolf

I’ve always said that the first nine months of life are for mothers. As a dad, it’s hard to get excited about watching an infant sleep, changing diapers, and cuddling. Once they start smiling, laughing, crawling, exploring, and playing, the world changes. I usually don’t hit my stride with my kids until they are 9 to 18 months old. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to pieces, but they just aren’t that fun until they start doing stuff.

Somehow, the fun of doing seems to escalate as they grow. What joy it is to hear your daughter say her first words or watch your son take his first steps. Funny thing though, it turns out that this is not nearly as exciting as dancing with Cinderella or telling your little slugger to slide as he beats the play at the plate. There’s something special about watching your kids grow up and seeing them develop personalities, experience new thrills, and yes, even gain independence.

Here recently, I’ve experienced a new thrill. My daughter can now sit in the front seat. I now crave running errands. There’s something special about that time in the car. Even if we don’t say much, to just be with my rapidly maturing girl and having the opportunity to converse at nearly an adult level makes my day.

My passion has been growing with my kids. I can’t imagine loving any of my kids – even the youngest ones – any less, but, I’m still convinced that growing up is for dad.