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Which Is Most Important to Your Organization: Mission, Core Values, or Vision?

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A while back, Michael Hyatt shared a list of interview questions about leadership. These questions got me thinking. I’ll be sharing my thoughts in a series of posts here on my blog.

Which is most important to your organization: mission, core values, or vision?

Iā€™m struck over and over and over again how many organizations lack a strong core ideology. By core ideology, I mean mission, values, and vision, or as some people say purpose, values, and vision.

The most powerful of these is mission. In his book, Start with Why, Simon Sinek describes how the best inspirational leaders start with the question, “Why?” People identify with purpose.

Now, unfortunately, while this is the most important building block, a mission or a purpose is very difficult to put into action without a crisp vision. Vision is what propels you forward. It’s essential that you depict a clear picture through descriptive means of what it looks like when you arrive at what you are pursuing.

Mission is the building block and vision is the fuel that drives you forward. Your core values are what keep you on track. Without adhering to a set of values, an organization runs the risk of falling apart.

BUT it is the mission that fuels the machine and it is the vision that lays the tracks and points it in the right direction. It’s the vision that allows the entire organization to run in the same direction and accomplish the mission or the purpose.

No organization can get by without all three. But starting with purpose and building a crisp vision will be a great first step.

Which of these do you find to be most important to your organization?