The Joy of Giving

Do you give back?  No, I don’t mean that charitable contribution that you dished out because your CPA said you needed a tax break.  I mean true giving.

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Giving from your abundance isn’t giving back.

Giving of your time is giving back.  It never seems like we have enough.

Giving financially, until it hurts, is giving back.

Lending your talents to “teach a man how to fish”, rather than giving him the fish, is giving back.

This is the type of giving that brings about true joy.

It’s easy to “check the box” by writing a check, especially the check that’s well within our means.  It’s easy to take the philosophy that we should tithe “appropriate to our means” when things are tight and it means giving less than our 10%.  But what about when things aren’t?  Do you stay true to your philosophy?  Do you give the same way when you have an abundance?  Do you give 20% when you have more than enough?

It’s hard to do, but the reward is so great.  God can not be outdone in generosity. Regardless of your belief system, try it.  I guarantee the peace and joy of giving this way will be well worth it.

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