Leadership Traits, in a Nutshell

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I recently posed a question to the daviddewolf.com community: “In your opinion, what is the one word that describes the most important trait of a leader?” Here are the results:

  • 28% of the community believes that being a servant is the most essential part of leadership.
  • 22% of the community believes that character (integrity, honesty, trust, etc…) is the most critical leadership quality
  • 11% voted for humility or passion
  • 6% can see the power of vision
  • 5% are looking for someone who is authentic or sincere
  • and the remaining 17% said something different altogether

This is a great snapshot of what it means to be a leader. I would agree that if you find a high character servant with a strong vision, the passion to pursue it, and an authentic personality, you probably have found someone who others will follow.