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My Thanksgiving Top 10

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  1. For Teresa, who is the most wonderful wife and mother and somehow still puts up with my entrepreneurial tendencies and workaholism
  2. For each one of my kids – Sarah, Joseph, Rebekah, Catherine, Jacob, and Rosie – who are the joy of my life and who make Barry Manilow look like a prophet – “I feel glad when you’re glad…I just can’t smile without you”
  3. For my Dad, who taught me everything there is to know about being a man, especially integrity and work ethic
  4. For John Fowler, who had the patience to mentor me and introduce me to the software industry. From him, I learned 90% of any technical skill I ever had and more importantly was given my first example of how to be a Christian in the business world.
  5. For Bobby Christian, who believed in me as an entrepreneur and CEO before there was anything to believe in and then coached me on how to prove I could do it.
  6. For Blaine Hall, my partner and best friend, who I have never once doubted has my back in all areas of life.
  7. For Nate Boster, the first best friend I ever had and from whom I learned self-confidence, and with whom I figured out how to graduate from adolescence to adulthood.
  8. For my close circle of friends who hold me accountable and have agreed to help raise my children in the Catholic faith as Godfathers of my children: Jake, Nate, Marc, Pallas, Paul, and Blaine.
  9. For loving my life and waking up every morning excited and passionate about going to work. For the opportunity to work with fabulous people.  For Todd, Larry, and nearly two hundred other teammates that all pull in the same direction.
  10. For the other women in my life – my Mom and my sisters, Christine and Allison, who I probably do a fairly poor job of sharing and demonstrating my love to, but I can’t imagine living without.