Neutralize Your Ego with Humble Confidence

1024 576 David DeWolf

Humble confidence will neutralize the ego that grows from your leadership position.

Leaders run the risk of being captivated by the power that comes with leadership. Drunk on the influence of others–or, more accurately, drunk on the influence that you have over others–it’s easy. We all have an ego. We all have pride.

Egos fly and all of a sudden, you’re a jerk. You’re plowing over people: your employees, your teammates, even your family sometimes, those who you love. Leadership must be handled with care, and humility is the medicine that prevents you from being “that guy” or “that girl,” the one who has let it get to their head.

As a Christian, I believe that all of my talents and gifts are from God, and that I am to use them for his glory. Humility is all about understanding who I am and what I’ve been given, and seeing myself as God sees me.

Regardless of your belief system, the same principle can still apply to you. Humility is about knowing who you are and who you are not.

Know your strengths. Know your weaknesses and be willing to admit them. Know that other people have different strengths and different weaknesses. Face those facts. Build up other people. Let them do what they’re great at.

Respect what each and every person brings to the table. Understand that you couldn’t accomplish your leadership if it were not for good followers.

In other words, stay grounded. Remember who you are and where you’ve come from. This will help you achieve true success, which is not about power or wealth. True success is so much greater. Success that you have in your career or professional life doesn’t mean much. Think about the people out there who have succeeded in business and in the ways of the world, but they missed their kids growing up or they ruined their marriage. Is it truly success, then? Is it successful to make a ton of money or to gain power but to plow people over along the way and in the process and hurt them?

Of course not! With humble confidence to keep your ego in check, you’ll help keep everything in perspective and not become “that leader.”