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Purpose and Profit Can and Should Coexist

1024 683 David DeWolf

Too often, our society pits purpose and profit as opposing forces, as individuals pitch their camp in one of two extremes. On one side, purpose-driven zealots rail at the thought of making money and prioritizing financial results. On the other, greed absorbed corporates scoff at the idea of purpose being more than an idealistic fairy tale. Both sides claim that one pursuit undermines the other.

Somewhere in the middle lie the great businesses of our day. These firms are made of individuals who passionately pursue a greater good while simultaneously seeking to be good stewards of their financial rewards. They find a greater good, one that resonates with the human spirit, and find like-minded individuals to push forward their cause. And, they realize that profit is the reward for that pursuit, and, that with more of it comes the ability to drive an even greater impact. 

The brutal reality is that you can have your cake and eat it too. Today’s high-performing executives must be as well versed in purpose-driven leadership, culture, and their cause as they are in financial statements, business strategy, and M&A. What are you doing to make sure you breathe out of both of your lungs?