Summer Planning for Your Kids

700 466 David DeWolf

As summer starts, parents throughout the world are trying to figure out what to do with their kids, who are off from school.

Some of them load their kids up with chores, things to do, and ways to stay fresh at school. Others just let their kids wreak havoc.

This year, Teresa and I decided to do something new.

We made a plan for each one of our children. We sat down and, for all six of them, we explored what it is that they need to learn as a child. What is it that they need to accomplish over the summer? We then rolled out a summer plan for each one of them to help to achieve that objective.

These plans spanned from chores for one child, to new privileges for another. We encouraged another child to get together with friends and build relationships.

It can be powerful to step back and apply the principles we use in business in other areas of our life, such as our family life. But so often, we fail to do that.

By thinking a little bit differently about summer vacation, we’ve already seen an impact in the advancement of our children. They’ve learned lessons and they’ve heard very clearly those things that we, their parents, believe they need to work on.

We’re excited about this new plan and we’ll keep you updated on how it works out and the impact it has.