5 Methods for Optimizing Your Boardroom

When I first started building my board I still owned 100% of the company. Many people were surprised that I was willing to subject myself to the headache of having to answer to outside directors. Here’s my experience and how it can translate into crafting a high-performing, accelerator board for your company.

Bootstrap Until it Hurts: Lessons from an Entrepreneur

It’s hard enough to be an entrepreneur without having to worry about money, but there’s just no way around it. Here’s why I say you should bootstrap until it hurts…and then some. Your company will thank you for it later.

My Toolbox: Time Management through an EA

One of the greatest assets I have is my time, and learning to delegate and use my time wisely is an ongoing challenge I face. Here’s how having an executive assistant helps me manage better.

Are you Differentiating or Alienating?

It’s great to offer your employees something off-the-charts awesome. The danger, though, is that your employees may not appreciate the value of what you’re giving them.

Death by Meeting: A Book I Love & a Giveaway

Patrick Lencioni is an author who I admire and whose work I really enjoy. This month, I’d like to share Death by Meeting with you. [featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] How many times have you groaned when you hear the phrase, “Let’s meet about that?” Admit it: you roll your eyes when certain people put a meeting on your calendar….

Why Strategy’s So Important

In a young, entrepreneurial company, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that operational realities are the same as strategic initiatives. It’s easy to think that these operations propel you forward. In reality, they just keep you from collapsing.

Reversing the CIO Demise

With information so easily accessible, do companies even need CIOs anymore? How can CIOs reclaim their seats at the boardroom table? What do they need to do to stay relevant and fill the gaps that exist?