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5 Tips for a Successful Client Relationship - David DeWolf
5 Tips for a Successful Client Relationship
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A few years ago, we struggled with a client who seemed like a dream come true. Here are five tips I learned the hard way about how to turn a rocky start into a successful client relationship.

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Open Door Policy_1200x675
Why an Open Door Policy Needs More than an Open Door
1024 576 David DeWolf

I left for India with an open door policy that I think most people respect. I left from India having learned an important lesson. Don’t just open the door – tear down the walls.

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4 Steps for Dealing with Obnoxious Comments
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Here’s a quick four-step formula for successfully defusing and dealing with obnoxious comments.

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What NOT to Do: Take Advantage and Destroy Trust
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What are you doing to build your relationships? Are you taking advantage and destroying trust? Here’s a story of a business relationship gone bad because trust was destroyed.

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The 3 Ways to Handle a Mistake - David DeWolf
The 3 Ways to Handle a Mistake
800 650 David DeWolf

There are 3 ways to handle a mistake. Will you strengthen your relationships, put them on ice, or destroy them?

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Do You Have Superman Syndrome? - David DeWolf
Do You Have Superman Syndrome?
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Here’s a reminder that the war is more important than the battle, especially for those of us with the tendency to let our Superman Syndrome take over.

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4 Hurdles to fully integrated communication_1200x675
Overcoming 4 Hurdles to Fully Integrated Communication
1024 576 David DeWolf

Communication is essential to professional success. Yet, no matter how deliberate we are about communicating our corporate strategy, these best practices don’t always seem to take root in the rest of lives. Here are four obstacles to overcome so you can have fully integrated communication—at home and at the office.

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Disconnect Perception and Reality - David DeWolf
6 Steps to Get Beyond “Perception Is Reality”
683 703 David DeWolf

Perception is reality. It shapes the way that we interpret other’s actions. Our perception becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But we can break this cycle. Here are six steps to take you to that resolution.

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Why Your Relationships Are Not Really Yours - David DeWolf
Why Your Relationships Are Not Really Yours
700 465 David DeWolf

The people you know are not yours. The relationships you have are gifts. Give them away for the benefit for others.

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Understanding What Sets Off Your Anger
What’s Your Bowl of Rice? Understanding What Sets Off Your Anger
700 466 David DeWolf

Context matters, and yet we so often judge people and their actions without knowing the context. Here’s a guide to understanding what sets off your anger.

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