The best reward yet

Official Future 50 Awards Photo

I don’t typically post self-acolades but today I was humbled to receive perhaps the best recognition I could have ever hoped for.  It’s a reflection of the culture we’ve built here at Three Pillar and it’s a tribute to our team who has taken the humble idea that the dignity of the worker is worth fighting for and made it a reality.

One of our teammates has been out for a while and here is a piece of her response to my email checking in on her:

3Pillar has been excellent while I’ve been out.  From the support and emails, to Laura and Will’s hard work, to Jamie helping from an HR perspective, I have discovered just how different 3Pillar is with regards to how the company treats its employees.  I will never forget the kindness.  Thanks especially to you for providing the leadership towards this type of professional work ethic value.

Wow!  I have been fortunate to have been recognized by several organizations over the past year, including the WBJ 40 under 40, SmartCEO’s Future 50, but I can honestly say that none of those mean nearly as much as an employee feeling the results of 6 years worth of effort to ensure that each and every employee at Three Pillar knows that they matter and that we are here to support them as an individual person regardless of the trials they may be going through at any given point in time.  I am so proud of our team.

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