Mastering the Fundamentals of Leadership

Mastering the Fundamentals of Leadership: Emerge and Evolve, Episode 5

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Alan Stein, Jr., keynote speaker and author of the recently released book Sustain Your Game, joins me for episode 5 of Emerge and Evolve to talk about the importance of mastering the fundamentals of leadership.

Without nailing leadership basics like building trust, developing mutual respect, communicating effectively, and being responsive to a fault, any leader will struggle to take his or her leadership game — and the teams they are charged with leading — to the next level. And, as Alan writes about in his latest book, they don’t stand a chance of staying on the mountaintop without these leadership fundamentals if they are somehow lucky enough to reach it.

Alan shares stories from his decades in and around the game of basketball that any leader can learn from as they seek to bring the right mindset to the workplace and beyond. Tune in to hear why, in this age of infinite distractions, it’s more vital than ever to “be where your feet are” and to develop the capacity to focus on the next play, no matter what has happened in the past.

I always find Alan’s energy infectious and his advice spot-on. Enjoy the interview!

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