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Finding Great Mentors & The Importance of Mentorship: Emerge and Evolve, Episode 6

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I first got to know Mark Timm during a leadership master class conducted by Michael Hyatt that Mark and I both attended. We became fast friends over the course of that experience, building a relationship that has seen both of us acting as a mentor for the other at various points in our lives and careers.

One of the many things that Mark and I have in common is we’re both big believers in the importance of mentorship for leaders who want to grow. As Mark says during the course of this discussion, “The world is divided into halves. The haves have mentors; the have-nots don’t.”

His assessment definitely rings true in my case. As the company I’m leading has grown and my “leadership seasons” have changed, I’ve found myself continually seeking out advice and guidance from people who are 2-3 years, or sometimes more, beyond where I find myself at that particular point. Having people you can call on for advice who you know have already conquered the leadership challenges you’re facing is a hugely valuable resource.

Tune in to hear Mark share his experiences from not just being mentored by but co-writing a book with Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks from the hit TV show Shark Tank. Mark also talks about how a radical re-framing of his family life ultimately led to a much more fulfilling work life as well, plus a concept that should resonate with all of us these days — the ring of proximity — as it relates to leadership.

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