The selfish side of integrity

1024 576 David DeWolf

In a recent post, I outlined why Integrity is Three Pillar’s core value. Consistent character, high ethical standards, honesty, and sound judgment – who wouldn’t work with someone who embodied these principles? Aren’t these the foundational values that we all look for in our business partners? Of course they are, yet, many laugh them off as righteous goals or simply ignore them as values of a time gone by.

I am continually amazed at how many people fail to embrace integrity for themselves. They are only hurting themselves.

Regardless of which direction your moral compass points, integrity is non-negotiable. It’s simply good for business. Over the long haul, lies are discovered, inconsistencies form reputations, corners cut are exposed, and poor ethical judgments are questioned. Integrity pays dividends in that it avoids all of this. If you don’t practice integrity because it’s the right thing to do, at least practice integrity because it’s beneficial to do so. Over time, practicing integrity for the wrong reasons will help form your conscience into doing it for the right reasons.