Why I Love Undercover Boss

1024 576 David DeWolf

My wife and I watch very little TV. Every now and then we’ll flip it on, and recently we have found that Undercover Boss is one of the few wholesome shows out there that we enjoy watching.

There are a few aspects of the show that I really enjoy and find to be in striking contrast to many TV shows these days:

  • The show is overwhelmingly positive. It highlights human interests and promotes positive values such as hard work, humility, and sacrifice. It’s refreshing to watch a show that can teach us a thing or two that my mom would be proud of. I’d let my kids watch this show.
  • We are given the opportunity to get to know more than just the work life of the “boss.” The entire life of the CEO is respected and shown to viewers. This includes their family values and relationships, faith, and other not-so-politically correct aspects in a rare positive light.
  • It portrays CEOs in a somewhat rare positive light. The executives are shown helping their employees and not just for selfish gain, but because it’s the right thing to do. In today’s world of business corruption and negative news, the good guys rarely get the spotlight. Based on my experience, I’ve met far more CEOs with strong character and a heart for people than I have those who lack integrity and are only in it for themselves. CEOs can sometimes be like a referee, you never hear about them unless they are doing a poor job. This show is helping to expose the good CEOs with high integrity.
  • There is more than just entertainment value. I have actually learned a thing or two from these shows. I have gleaned a realization or two about how I might approach my business by watching Undercover Boss. It’s nice to have a show that is relevant to life and also entertaining. There’s nothing wrong with a mixture of entertainment and educational value.

Are there other diamond-in-the-rough shows out there that you are aware of? What is your favorite episode of Undercover Boss? Which CEO would you like to work for, and why?