Why Trump Has a Chance at a Vote - David DeWolf

Why Trump Has a Chance at a Vote

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At the first debate for Republican presidential candidates, Donald Trump was asked whether he would rule out running for president as an independent candidate. He refused. As any good leader should do, he’s decided not to back himself in a corner and to be forthcoming with where he’s at.

I respect that.

Likewise, many citizens are asking others whether they will rule out a vote for Mr. Trump. It may not be as direct as Megan Kelly’s question, but the underlying message and unspoken criticism is just as thick in their comments as it was in Megan’s question. “There’s no way that you’re one of those loonies who would consider voting for Mr. Trump, is there?”

I, for one, will stand with Trump and refuse to give up my options.

Quite frankly, there’s a lot I like and quite a bit I don’t like about Mr. Trump’s candidacy, but, while we don’t agree on everything, I have total respect for the fact that he’s willing to say what he really believes and stand up and fight. He’s willing to make hard decisions and he’s willing to throw politically correct out the window.

We need more of that.

More than a president that agrees with everything I believe, I want a president that does what he says he’s going to do. I don’t need a president like Obama and I don’t need politicians like the current Republican majority. Both have failed us. They promised and failed to deliver. They are morally corrupt. Both failed to follow through on their campaign promises.

Integrity trumps (pun intended) policy in my book.

The last thing this country needs is another politician as president. I don’t want an entrenched Republican or a career Democrat. I don’t want a governor or a senator. And I don’t want anyone who comes across as too polished – or too perfect – in what they say. Frankly, I don’t even want someone who knows too much about international policy.

I want a leader. Not an expert. Leaders surround themselves with experts to help inform their decisions. They stand on principles and make hard decisions. They find ways to compromise without jeopardizing their core values . They fight for what is right. And, they get people moving in the same direction.

We need that. And Trump seems like he can deliver. Not because he said the right things or said that he’ll deliver, but because he is showing it, right now, in the midst of the campaign.

And for that reason, I won’t rule out a vote for Trump. I don’t love everything he stands for, but I can respect the fact that he seems to be a man who means what he says and does what he promises.

Until he proves otherwise, Donald Trump will remain on my list of possible candidates that I may support.