Announcing a Big — and Welcome — Change in 2023

1024 410 David DeWolf

Throughout this week, I’ve announced to our team and clients that, effective January 1, I will begin serving 3Pillar exclusively as an active Board member. I am both peaceful with and excited about what this decision means for both myself and our business.

From the very beginning of 3Pillar, my entire purpose has been to run the business in a way that gives glory to God, honors all of the people associated with the company and allows each of our constituents — team members, clients, and investors — to thrive in both our professional and personal lives. This human-first approach to business has been my passion and life’s work, and I truly believe that it has been a large part of our success. 

Personally, this meant leading a wildly successful business while at the same time being the best human being, husband, father and CEO I could be. For over 16 years I was able to pull it off. Lately, I have been struggling to do so.

As I look forward to 2023, I don’t see it getting any easier. Every one of my 8 children will be going through a monumental life transition, and I want to be present – not only physically, but also mentally. Sarah (turning 22 this year) and Joe (20) are both engaged to be married. I want to be there for them as they plan their weddings and start their adult lives. Rebekah (19) will be studying in Europe next fall and has asked me to travel with her and show her many of the countries she’s heard me talk about for years. I just can’t miss that opportunity.

Catherine (almost 17) was born the year I started 3Pillar and has never experienced a life without me being totally immersed in the business. She is entering her senior year and is being recruited to play college soccer. I want to be there for her in a way she’s never experienced, and I want to be able to watch nearly every game. Jake (turning 14) has started playing basketball and asked me to help coach his team. I want to be able to say, “Yes,” and be there for him as he starts high school in the fall.

Rosie (12) will be starting junior high next year, and Josh (6) and Ava (2) are watching as their big siblings grow up. They are all beginning to notice that I am often too consumed with work to be fully present with them, whether that’s playing Legos or reading them a book.

I can’t wait to share all of these experiences with my amazing wife, Teresa. For so long she’s done everything to allow me to pursue my passion and it’s time for me to take a step back and be mentally and emotionally present to her and the kids in a way that I simply can’t be while running a business at scale that I founded. It will be an absolute joy to take it all in with Teresa as each of our children move into the next phases of their lives.  

In short, to be true to myself, I need to put my family first and serve the business in my capacity as an active Board member. I feel it in my gut and I have found peace in my prayer. I know this is right. 

I am eternally grateful for everyone who has been part of the 3Pillar journey. I could not have done it without incredible mentors, teammates, and friends. I am humbled by what we have been able to accomplish together and will savor the experiences I’ve had, the lessons I’ve learned, and most especially the relationships I’ve been privileged to build.

With humble gratitude,